This is my second technical blog, though I never stopped working in the tech industry - I needed a blogging break, and wanted to start fresh and under my own name. This might not even be a purely technical blog.

For example, outside of tech I’ve drummed, arranged and recorded several tunes with Jazz Conpiracy and Ether Frolics. The Frolics were lucky enough to tour Germany, Austria, and Switzerland - in addition to playing the great Chicago clubs, some of which no longer exist. After that, Jazz Conspiracy ruled the Pops for Champagne scene in both their original and second location. During and after JC, I was also a hired-gun for other bands. These days I just keep a drum kit and guitar next to my desk.

I also enjoy brewing, playing guitar, & bbq’ing several times a week, weather be damned. You can often find me working on the endless home projects that come with owning a 100 year old Chicago two-flat.

My wife and two noisy cats offer running commentary.

Matty says Hi!